Do I Really Need to Watch my Child Upload an Assignment?

Yes. Whether my students are in grade 8 or 12, I have to watch them submit their assignment or give evidence that it was submitted. Three years ago, I worked with students in Marin County who submitted 75% of their assignments via Google Classroom. Here are reasons for their missing assignments: (1) they did the assignment but forgot to submit it, (2) they did the assignment but couldn’t find it, (3) they started the assignment but didn’t finish, (4) they didn’t start the assignment, and (5) they didn’t realize they were required to submit it.  Sound familiar? Consider checking that work was submitted. Otherwise, take the chance that you’ll get a progress report in mid-October listing 5-20 incomplete assignments that your kid must complete before the end of the semester while also doing current assignments.

MNT recommends that every night, K-8 students and one of their parents (or other adult, tutor, etc.) sit side-by-side and double check that all items on the to-do list have been uploaded  This approach might also be necessary for 9th graders who haven’t transitioned well to high school, students with learning challenges, students who lack focus, self-discipline, or motivation, students who have been absent from school due to illness or sports, etc.  By 10th grade, most students should not need such monitoring.

If you have child with overdue assignments, it is important to get assistance in October. Please contact us for advice or help.

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