Close the Distance: 3 Tips for Learning Math Online

1. Remove all distractions from the learning space.

The cute cat, the dancing dog, the food, the beverage, the cell phone, and little brother watching cartoons in the next room–they all have to go!  Whether class has started or kids are doing homework, create a genuine learning space. Doing math requires a quiet environment, free of distractions. Lay the foundation for your kids’ success.

2. Break for 30 minutes between end of classes and start of homework.

Experts say a short break helps. This is an ideal time for snacks and drinks. Most students struggle with math more than other subjects, so do math homework first.  By moving math tutoring sessions from 6pm to 3pm, I found that students had a better attitude about math and completed homework more quickly and more accurately.

 3. Ask kids for evidence of completed & uploaded assignments

From the start, let your kids know you need evidence of completed homework. Ask for an image or print screen saying the assignment was successfully uploaded and ask to see the original homework assignment so you can verify all exercises were done. Use Fridays to double check with math teachers (or dashboards) that there are no missing assignments.  Missing math assignments should be completed on weekends.

Monica Johnston has tutored since she was a teenager and has successfully tutored hundreds of students around the Bay Area for the last 30 years. Contact her at

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