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Close the Distance: 3 Tips for Learning Math Online

1. Remove all distractions from the learning space. The cute cat, the dancing dog, the food, the beverage, the cell phone, and little brother watching cartoons in the next room–they all have to go!  Whether class has started or kids … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need to Watch my Child Upload an Assignment?

Yes. Whether my students are in grade 8 or 12, I have to watch them submit their assignment or give evidence that it was submitted. Three years ago, I worked with students in Marin County who submitted 75% of their … Continue reading

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Online Math Education During a Crisis

Whether the crisis is an earthquake, fire, flood, or COVID-19, online education is a way for students to move forward with their education. This article describes who is a good fit for online math education and what you can do … Continue reading

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Resource: Helping Kids Process the News

My Neighborhood Tutor Program is committed to being an education resource for the community.  Please watch Helping Kids Process the News on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 3pm.

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Smart Start

Having worked with students in six Bay Area counties, I’ve seen a substantial variation in the priority that parents place on math education. Success in math happens when parents set clear expectations about math grades, help students maintain that “math … Continue reading

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The Calculus vs. Statistics Debate for Juniors

A common inquiry from juniors in high school is whether to take calculus or statistics as a senior. This is a challenging question when they don’t know their major and haven’t applied to colleges!  Essentially, juniors need more details about … Continue reading

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Helping Students Memorize Math Facts

For a precalculus test, my student was required to recall 35 formulas without using notes! While most students list one formula after another and rely on rote memorization, there are more effective ways to enhance recall. The most underutilized tool … Continue reading

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Harvest Your Quizzes

November is the time for harvesting and, for students, that means gathering anything that has been graded and returned–tests, quizzes, homework–and correcting them. Rework the entire problem not just the part that is incorrect. Verify your solution or check your … Continue reading

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Practical Measures for Assessing How Well Your Teen Understands Math

A parent told me that her daughter had a B in math, so tutoring was not crucial.  The teen failed the first three math tests and couldn’t do her homework without help. How is a B possible?  For grades 6-12, … Continue reading

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Preparation is Key Especially for Those in Academic Transition

Get a jump on the semester: Talk to a transition coach if your student is transitioning to G7, G9 or college Have your student identify concrete ways to achieve academic and personal goals Get books & supplies now Buy the teacher-recommended calculator Buy … Continue reading

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