Referrals to Experts

MNT acknowledges the expertise of the following professionals.

Academic Coaches

Beth Samuelson | Coach/Strategist
Specializing in G6-12 study skills workshops

Science Tutors

Michael Dong Hai Li, B.S. | Chemistry Tutor
Conquer Chemistry

Learning Challenge Specialists

Lorina Daves Tornai, B.A. | Dyslexia Specialist
Specializing in K-8 reading, writing, spelling, math
Solutions for Learning

College Admission Specialists

Lorina Daves Tornai, B.A. | Certified Career & College Counselor (UC Berkeley)
Solutions for Learning

Retail Businesses

Children’s Journal Books and Specialty Items
Funky Frog
Second Avenue & Ceres Street, Crockett

MNT is familiar with the individuals/companies listed on this page and refers on the basis of professional courtesy; neither MNT nor the professionals listed here receive any financial incentive as a result of this listing.

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