Professional Tutors

A Tutor’s Perspective™
A networking group of independent tutors that meets in Alamo, CA once a quarter. Tutors are encouraged to suggest topics and to participate in meetings by sharing information. Contact us to get on the mailing list.

Tutor the Tutor Workshops
• New Tutor Workshop
• Statistics & Probability Workshop
• Sketching Curves Without a Graphing Calculator

Training for Owners and Directors
• Tutoring vs. Tutoring Business
• The Competition: Using Market Research to Assess & Plan
• All Aboard! Finding Parents, Keeping Students
• Getting Paid: Scheduling, Payment, and Cancellations
• Hiring: Going Solo, Contract, Employee & More
• Expanding: Locations, Services, Products
• Writing a business plan

For register for one of these resources, please contact us.

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