Bridge the Gap with Math Grant
The Bridge the Gap with Math Grant pays for 8 sessions of math tutoring in Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II. If your child is in grades 6-12, and currently has a B- or lower in math, please contact us at for an application.

The avoidance of math and statistics in high school and then college can severely impact a student’s career throughout their lives. For example, the 15 top-paying jobs all require math skills(1). In junior high, math becomes more difficult for many students. If students do well there, they are more likely to do well in high school math. If they do well in math in high school, they can consider a greater variety of majors instead of avoiding majors that require taking more math.

The Bridge the Gap with Math Grant was developed to enable students to succeed in math, so that choosing a math or math-related major for college is a genuine possibility. If a student were equally skilled in all subject areas, which major would she or he consider? Often, the subjects that they like. And, students tend to like subjects in which they are successful. The Bridge the Gap with Math Grant program can build a student’s skills, confidence, success, and interest in math.

If you would like to serve on the awards committee or be a named sponsor for Bridge the Gap with Math Grant, please contact us.
1. Julianne Pepitone, CNN Money, Most lucrative college degrees, 7/24/09,

Cultural Diversity in Mathematics Book Scholarship™
Reimbursement of up to $250 for math/statistics/computer science books or tutoring purchased by those underrepresented students who are majoring in math, statistics or computer science. Open to university and community college students. Contact us with questions or to request an application.


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