Cancellation Policy

Professional tutoring is a highly specialized profession that is part-time, seasonal work, at best.  In order for MNT Program to recruit, retain, and provide high quality, private tutors who live and work in our community, we must guarantee tutors payment because they  turn away other professional opportunities when a reservation is made.  The purpose of the reservation is to reserve a tutor’s time and payment guarantees that you have a particular time slot.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel 24 hours or more in advance of the session, you may reschedule within the calendar week.  If session is not rescheduled, payment for session is forfeited.  Forfeited sessions can be transferred to another student before the session occurs and with permission from MNT Program.


(1) Parents or adult students may cancel a session by 8am the day of tutoring if they are sick, but they must reschedule the session within the same calendar week or forfeit the payment for the session.

(2) Sessions scheduled during school holidays/breaks (including weekends on either end) and then canceled can’t be rescheduled and there are no refunds.  Your option is to attend as scheduled or not attend (forfeit the session).

Refund Policy

NO refunds.  Once a reservation is made, there are no refunds, regardless of the policies of other financial institutions whose services or credit card are used to purchase a time slot.



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