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Do you offer online tutoring?                                       Reserve Now
Starting in March of 2020, MNT converted from face-to-face tutoring to tutoring online.  We use Zoom or Skype and Jamboard to real-time collaboration on homework.

How do I know if I/my child needs tutoring?                                       Reserve Now
If a student receives a B- on a quiz or test, that is an indication that the student may need tutoring. If the student isn’t able to start or finish his/her homework, tutoring can be helpful. Students will typically tell their parents that they are doing “okay” or that they can handle the course. It is best to ask to see specific quizzes/tests scores, review them online, or have the teacher report them to you. Students will often say that their teacher has not returned the test to them; dig deeper and ask if they know their score since teachers may take weeks to return the actual quiz/test until all students have taken the quiz/test.

How often is tutoring needed?                                                               
It depends on grade goals, current grade, number of testing opportunities remaining.  Make a free appointment to obtain professional advice.  Typically, once is week suffices unless the student has a C or lower and/or has multiple academic/sport/civic commitments.

MNT Program accepts the most committed students and parents. When a student is headed toward failure, we take an decisive approach, including setting a goal of B’s on quizzes and tests. If a student reaches the grade goal in less than 6 weeks, we drop back to 1 session per week or tutoring on an as-needed basis.

How do I find a tutor?
We know that there are tutors everywhere so we do our best to help your child succeed. Student-tutor match is important and if we can’t find the right tutor for a student, we tap into our network of tutors to make a referral.                                                     Reserve Now

If I have a tutor, why don’t I see an immediate improvement in my test score?
There are various reasons. First, if you work with the tutor 1-2 days prior to the test, that is usually not sufficient to make an impact on understanding the entire chapter plus any material from previous chapters, plus gaps in knowledge for his/her grade level. Secondly, there is more to math testing than just knowing the formulas or how to apply them. There can be anxiety around learning math or testing in general; a student may lack confidence or may have the attitude that they probably won’t do well on the test. At Mostly Math we informally assess students during the first visit to understand the students’ skills, math foundation, and attitude.

I have a D in math, and I went to a tutor the day before my test and still got a D on the test. Should I get a better tutor?
Remember, “just-in-time” tutoring is not just in time. Working with a new tutor the day before (or hours before) an exam is usually not effective. If you have a D going into a chapter test that typically means that you need help with techniques from the previous chapters to do well in the current chapter. Secondly, if you want tutoring in such a situation, two sessions (not one) would be recommended. Third, regular tutoring is more effective; through regular tutoring tutors catch mistakes early and positively impact learning for the rest of the chapter. Work with your tutor and map out a reasonable approach for improving.

I don’t think my/my child’s grade is improving. Should I find another tutor?
You may need 8 weeks to see an actual change in a grade, depending on the number of testing opportunities and whether those were quizzes or tests. Aim for improved understanding and ability to complete homework in the first four weeks of tutoring. Look for gradual improvement in quiz/test scores in weeks 5-8.

For example, it is rare for a student with 50% in the class to get an C on a test after 4 weeks (4 visits) of tutoring. At the My Neighborhood Tutor Program, with regular tutoring twice a week in the first four weeks, the quiz and test scores go up one grade per quiz/test–from F to D, to C, to B. Even in 6-8 weeks test scores may be improving, but the actual grade (based on averaging) may still be in the C-/D range.

I don’t like my tutor. What can I do?
Take a moment to think about why you don’t like your tutor because transitioning to a new tutor takes valuable time. If you don’t understand your tutor, ask them to explain it another way. If your tutor has a habit that you don’t like (such as looking over your shoulder), let the tutor know you don’t like that. Alternatively, you can just ask for another tutor–no one will be offended! If you’re working with an independent tutor, you might ask for a referral.

I can’t find the right tutor. Help me!                                                          Reserve Now
Contact the My Neighborhood Tutor Program. If we can’t find you the right tutor, then we’ll refer you to someone. The My Neighborhood Tutor Program is a trusted resource familiar with education services in the community. In the meantime, compile a list of questions that will help you better assess whether a tutor is appropriate for you/child–knowledge of subject matter, availability, service fee, etc.

We can’t afford tutoring. What do you suggest?
Education is an investment, and the My Neighborhood Tutor Program works with every budget. We’ve seen success even when the student receives tutoring just twice a month. Talk with a My Neighborhood Tutor professional about your options and any special programs we may have under special programs menu. Parent and student must be highly responsible and consistent in order for the student to be successful. We consistently find that families who receive tutoring under special programs routinely miss appointments and do not take advantage of the free resources and tips that we give. Thus, there are rigid criteria for being accepted under special programs.                            Reserve Now

What is your reservation policy and what does it really mean?

The payment you make is for reserving a particular time slotOnce a reservation is made, there are no refunds, regardless of the policies of other financial institutions whose credit card or services you may use to purchase a session.  If you cancel within 24 hours of the session, you are permitted to reschedule within the same calendar week only. If you’re unable to reschedule within the same calendar week, you will not get a refund. If you make a reservation and don’t show for the session, you will not get to reschedule and you will not get a refund.

Exception: Sessions scheduled during school holidays/breaks (including weekends on either end) and then canceled can’t be rescheduled and there are no refunds.  Your option is to attend as scheduled or not attend and forfeit your payment.

Professional tutoring is a highly specialized profession that is part-time, seasonal work, at best.  In order for MNT Program to recruit, retain, and provide high quality, private tutors, we must guarantee tutors payment because they hold that time for a student and turn away other professional and personal opportunities.                                                               Reserve Now

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