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The Art of Living Black

TAOLB: 2006 Artist Talk - Adekunle Kabir Adejare 02:12. Artists....

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/ See the world through different eyes ... Feb 15, 2007 ...

Black Arts Quarterly

Stanford University Committee on Black P. A. (CBPA) the Black Arts Quarterly (BAQ) cont. on p. 10 & 17

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There I saw Adekunle Kabir Adejare, whose textiles and fine line ink drawings were marvelous to behold

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pen &, ink, acrylic &, oil painting, plywood etching, quilting, batik, sculpture, embroidery, painting on rice paper and crayon drawns.

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It it's time to transforms your home and office with detailed oriented artwork from Jareking.com. Attend one of our Art exhibitions to see artworks up-close. You have to get close to discover the source.

Most of the Pen and Ink and Sculptures on Jareking.com took three to four months to complete, depends on their sizes. We are not complaining; the results are worth of the time that was put into creating these masterpieces.

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This is the site where we gladly share our styles and techniques with everyone.