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There I saw Adekunle Kabir Adejare, whose textiles and fine line ink drawings were marvelous to behold

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Artist's Statement

My artwork illustrates historical events, current affairs, stories and folktales. The inspiration for my work stems from my culture which is rich with stories about good and not so good, kindness and selfishness, fate and determination, timeliness and tardiness, and many other lessons of life.

I strive to connect those educational and universal lessons to daily life. For me, because I know the stories behind my artwork, my artwork appears to be a complete story. I have dedicated my artwork to promoting messages that revive and uplift communities. Global Burdens boldly addresses social justice and current affairs, Foundation expresses the importance of education, and My Pet Duck discourages environmental pollution.

I consistently explore new contexts in which to promote very familiar, but valuable, life lessons. I use a variety of media such as Acrylic and oil Paint, Pen and Ink, Plywood cut, Batik, Appliqu?s and embroidery.

You are welcome to attend one of my exhibitions or workshops to get a closer look at my artwork. I will love to anzwer any questions you may have.

About the Artist

Born in Nigeria in the mid-seventies. The first artist in his family was his great, great, grandfather, Gbade Olokun, who made three of his numerous crowns. They were well-beaded crowns with beautiful colors and African images.

Kabir had been greatly motivated by all Gbade Olokun's artistic works but was not influenced to study art in school. He was more interested in medicine, mainly because his late father (Emiloju) owned a Pharmacy store in Nigeria.

Oduduwa Art Gallery

His first break was in 1990, he assisted a well-known sculptor and lecturer in Osun State, Nigeria, Mr. Olabiran Osunsoko of Oduduwa Art Gallery. Kabir helped raise the Statue of Sango (The God of Thunder) at the Palace of Timi Agbale Olofa Ina, the paramount ruler of Ede, Timi Agbale is one of the most respected kings in Nigeria, West Africa.

In 1994, Kabir joined Mr. Olabiran Osunsoko full-time to extend his knowledge in art. Together, they raised a 12-foot statue of Jesus Christ, hanged on the cross at a Covenant Church in Ayetoro, Ile Ife, Osun State.

One of their most successful exhibitions was Odua Trades Fare, which took place in the state, Ondo. The Town they represent took the first place. Kabir recalls Mr. Osunsoko saying, "I foresee you going places I've never been to and that I may never go to."

Nike Center for Arts and Culture

In 1996, Kabir moved to the Nike Center for Arts and Culture in Osogbo, Osun state to broaden his knowledge of art. The Center creates avenues for self-discovery and provides training in several fields of art. At the Center, Kabir acquired knowledge in Batik, rice paper painting, quilting, applique, indigo, tie & dye, embroidery, and improved as a performing artist. He developed a technique that he calls Plywood Etching, which involves carving figures into plywood.

Workshops and Exhibitions

As he mastered each art form, he gave workshops at various art centers in Osun, Lagos, and Delta State. As a representative of the Center, Kabir participated in several exhibitions, including the annual American Bazaar, the annual Chevron Art Exhibition. Exhibition at the Nigerian National Museum, the Nigeria National Theater and Goethe Institute, all in Nigeria. He has shown his art in Accra, Ghana and Ivory Coast also at I.I.T.A Art show in Ibadan, Oyo State, Shell Station at Ogunnu Center, in Warri, Delta State and had a solo exhibits at Mobil Arena in Lagos and other places.

United States

Kabir served the Center as a tour guide and in 2001 became the Public Relations Officer/Workshop Manager of the Nike Art Center in Osogbo.In 2002, Kabir was invited to the United States for several Exhibition during black history month, among them was The Pan African Film and Arts Festival, Los Angeles and Atlanta, The Arts of the Living Black in Richmond CA( 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008) . He showed his artwork and participated in a mutual exchange of knowledge with other artists.

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